It’s October which can only mean one thing – Halloween is coming!

While it’s often associated with kids and candy, Halloween has a special treat in store for adults too – creepy cocktails!

This spooky night opens the door to a world of creative, fun, and sometimes eerie cocktail concoctions that can add an extra layer of excitement to your Halloween celebrations.

Beyond Bar Hire – the best bar hire Colchester can offer – is here with a bewitching array of Halloween gin cocktails ideas that will have your guests under their spell. From creepy concoctions to monster mixtures, these Halloween gin cocktails will take your haunted night to the next level!

Here are all the best recipes for a seriously ‘spirited’ Halloween!

Green Halloween gin cocktails from the best bar hire Colchester can offer


Hocus Pocus G&T

Here at Beyond Bar Hire – with the best bar hire Colchester can offer – we introduce you to a Halloween G&T that’s as delicious as it is bewitching!

The Hocus Pocus G&T is a classic G&T with a spooky twist. Simply infuse your gin with Butterfly Pea Flower, and watch in wonder as it magically transforms from a deep blue hue to a hauntingly beautiful shade of purple. It’s a sip of Halloween magic that’s sure to impress!

When you add edible glitter or shimmer dust, the drink turns into an enchanting, sparkling potion that looks like it’s straight from a witchy cauldron.

With the Hocus Pocus G&T, you can serve Halloween gin cocktails that are nothing short of spellbinding!



Gin of your choice
Butterfly Pea Flower tea or dried flowers
Tonic water
Fresh lemon juice
Optional: Edible glitter or shimmer dust for extra enchantment!


Witches Brew Cocktail

Halloween cocktails don’t always have to be sweet – here’s a cocktail that’s on the zesty side!

This vibrant green Midori Halloween gin cocktail is here to impress with its tasty blend of flavours, featuring melon, lime, and basil.

Because of the Midori liqueur, this drink takes on a frighteningly gross appearance. With its glowing green hue, it is a drink fit for Frankenstein!

If you’re looking for Halloween gin cocktails that has a thrilling taste, opt for the Witches Brew cocktail!


45 ml gin
15ml Midori melon liqueur
30ml lime cordial
4 fresh basil leaves

Red Halloween gin cocktails from the best bar hire Colchester can offer


Vampire Martini

Enter the Vampire Martini, the Halloween gin cocktails so eerily realistic, that it could easily pass as a vampire’s dinner. Its striking appearance is so convincing that it leaves you questioning its true ingredients.

We’re here to assure you it’s just tomatoes (we’ve been told to say this)!

The Vampire Martini combines tomato with gin, white balsamic vinegar (or lemon juice), and a hint of simple syrup. The result is  Halloween gin cocktails that are to die for, offering a perfect blend of spooky and spectacular. It’s a true sip of the supernatural!



1 large tomato
50ml gin
10ml white balsamic vinegar or lemon juice
10ml simple syrup

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Sloe Death Gin Cocktail

At Beyond Bar Hire – with the best bar hire Colchester can offer – we love a sloe gin, which is why we’re so excited about the Sloe Death Gin Cocktail.

These Halloween gin cocktails are’nt just a treat for the taste buds, but also looks ghastly, and will send shivers down your spine!



50ml sloe gin
25 ml
lemon juice
25ml gin
Ice (both crushed and cubes)

For the Juniper Syrup:

100g white caster sugar
1 tbsp juniper berries

Friends with halloween gin cocktails from the best bar hire Colchester can offer

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Cheers to a spooktacular Halloween!