Beyond Bar Hire – Reducing the use of plastic


I’m sure you’ve heard the recent news about the plastic straw ban – wahoo! With the effects of harmful plastic and growing concerns over climate change, we recently decided to test an environmentally friendly, alternative straw and decided to give Sucker Straws a try. We already only use paper straws however we recently came across Sucker Straws on Instagram and was very intrigued to test a metal straw. As we’re a mobile bar company, we don’t always have washing facilities on site so before taking the plunge, we decided to order a small package of metal straws for only £15 and then put it to the vote of our customers.


About SuckerStraws


“Just like the rest of your cutlery, your SuckerStraws™ can easily be washed in the glasswasher or dishwasher and reused!”


They were recently featured on the UK Governments straw ban case-study video. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here:


The Benefits

Here’s a list of benefits that we have put together for Sucker Straws

  • Reusable and dishwasher safe (yay to less rubbish!)
  • Better for the environment
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to clean (if you having instant access to washing facilities)
  • Strong – Perfect for cocktails and if feeling adventurous you can push straight into fruit, fuss-free!
  • They retain the temperature of your drink!
  • They last longer!
  • They look nice – some of our customers thought they looked really cool drinking from a titanium straw!

Things we need to think about before officially making the switch

Due to the set up of our Mobile Bar company, we don’t always have access to washing facilities on-site, so as per our glassware, we need to ensure we have enough stock for the whole night. We overcame this objection by instructing customers to ‘borrow’ the straw for the evening and ensured that they returned it to help us to continue to ‘Say no to plastics’!

Will we be making the switch to Sucker Straws? Yes, absolutely! Our customers were delighted to use the product. They were pleased to see we’re helping to save the planet, it made their drinks stay cool and taste nicer apparently! We received fantastic feedback about the straws and we even had someone beg to keep one!

Beyond Bar Hire work at various types of events including small fetes, birthday parties, weddings, festivals, sporting and corporate events and cover all different types of venues including village halls, marquees, manor houses, wedding venues, sports clubs and even a ship! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to 100% convert to Sucker Straws all of the time, because it wouldn’t make business sense at large events (we’re a new, small company). For example, we’re working at a car show next month with over 5000 people (paper straws at the ready for this one). At these types of events, there will be no glass collecting and disposables will be in use. However, for all other events, we will certainly be armed with Sucker Straws and will try our hardest to spread the word. Please help us to help reduce plastic and share the love about Sucker Straws!


Visit their website to find out how they can help your business!