Happy Pinot Noir Day (nearly) from the best dry bar hire Essex suppliers – Beyond Bar Hire!

If you’re a fan of red wine, make sure to raise a glass in celebration on August the 18th, because it’s none other than Pinot Noir Day!

This delightful day is dedicated to honouring one of the world’s most beloved wines, and for good reason. Pinot Noir is loved for its rich taste and dark elegance.

Here at Beyond Bar Hire, with the best mobile bar Essex can offer, we are delighted to toast to this remarkably popular wine – after all, it will always hold a spot in our cellar!

To find out why Pinot Noir is so loved by people all around the world, and why you need to make sure it’s included in your next dry bar hire Essex event, read on!


What is Pinot Noir and where does it come from?

Pinot Noir, often referred to as the “heartbreak grape” due to its delicacy, has a rich and captivating history – just like its taste!

The red wine originated from France in the Burgundy region, where it earned its name “Pinot Noir,” meaning “black pineapple,” due to its tightly clustered, pineapple-shaped grape bunches!

It is also the oldest viniferous grape, thought to be at least 1,000 years older than good old Cabernet Sauvignon (and he’s old!)

Combined with the unique blend of soils, the diverse climate and the impressive winemaking techniques in the Burgundy region, wines produced here are more floral and earthy – making for a special taste that has been known to fetch more than $25,000 per bottle!

While Pinot Noir’s roots are in France, it has also adapted to the soils and climates in places such as California, New Zealand, and beyond – meaning wine lovers all over the globe can enjoy the exquisite taste of this classic wine.


Why do people love it?

This wine demands intense care and attention from vine to bottle, due to it’s delicate grape that is very susceptible to infection and damage. The grape is extremely hard to grow and difficult to work with, but like most things – the harder you work, the better the result!

It is this complexity that makes wine lovers savour every sip. The hardship behind every bottle makes this wine so unique and special.

Pinot Noirs’ flavour ranges from red berries and cherries to earthy undertones and hints of spice. The wine’s ability to range in flavours is just another reason this wine is considered unmatched.

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man pouring Pinot Noir into two wine glasses overlooking vineyard - dry bar hire Essex.


A wine for all seasons

Pinot Noir isn’t just a wine; it’s a friend who’s always up for a good time, no matter the weather! Pinot Noir is an excellent drink in any season, making it a favourite for year-round enjoyment.

In the colder months, its silky and warm taste provides comfort on chilly evenings. In the summer, it’s a fresh and fruity choice loved by all!

Whether it’s a winter wonderland wedding or a sun-soaked summer blow-out, Pinot Noir is your ultimate party partner!

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How can the best dry bar hire Essex has elevate your Pinot Noir enjoyment?

Here at Beyond Bar Hire, we know a good wine is best enjoyed in the presence of friends and family. That’s why we strive to offer the best mobile bar Essex can supply, in order to give you an unforgettable event with chilled drinks that impress.

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All that’s left to say is,

Happy Pinot Noir Day (for August the 18th!)