Looking for casual bar staff jobs? We can help!

We like to think Beyond Bar Hire are at the forefront of mobile bar Essex solutions and the industry offers a world of excitement, hustle, and bustle. Every day offers new experiences and endless opportunities for those passionate about delivering exceptional service.

Here at Beyond Bar Hire, our staff enjoy working in unique, flexible and skilled roles that bring something different, every day.

If you’re looking for a new, rewarding opportunity – perhaps one that fits around your lifestyle or one that will grant you incredibly valuable skills to take into future roles – Beyond Bar Hire may be able to help. Here’s why our casual bar staff jobs may have the role you’ve been looking for!


Casual bar staff jobs – what do they include?

Our casual bar staff jobs offer a range of important roles that contribute to creating exceptional bar experiences for our clients and their guests.

Skilled bartenders serve up delicious drinks and showcase their mixology expertise while our helpful servers prove top-notch customer service. While all this is going on, our clean-up crew are on hand to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone.

Our workday encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from setting up our mobile bars, manning the bar, restocking drinks and serving guests to packing down and cleaning up. As a team, we have the privilege of working at diverse and unique events, including weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and other celebrations, often held in very impressive venues!

Our dynamic team works together to deliver exceptional bar experiences, every time. By working together, our team creates unforgettable events and exceeds our client’s expectations!

Contact our team to find out more about our casual bar staff jobs!

bar man making a cocktail at bar - casual bar staff jobs at Beyond Bar Hire

Looking for extra pocket money?

Our roles at Beyond Bar Hire are the perfect fit for those seeking exciting and different ways to earn extra cash through casual, part-time work – without the commitment.

We understand the importance of flexibility. This is why we give you complete control over your schedule, meaning you have the freedom to choose shifts that align with your availability and preferences. We respect that there may be times when you are unable or prefer not to take on a particular shift, and there is no obligation to do so.

Whether you’re looking for a role that works around your current job, a role that works around childcare or you’re trying to save some extra savings, you can control how much or how little you wish to work at all times.

Our commitment to flexibility is just one of the many reasons why you should consider taking a look at our casual bar staff jobs!


Industry experience

Our casual bar staff jobs provide an exceptional opportunity for individuals looking to kickstart a future in the bar service industry.

Every role within Beyond Bar Hire offers a chance to gain valuable experience and develop essential skills. As a part of our team, you’ll be working in a unique, fast-paced and dynamic environment that will grow the needed customer service skills and industry knowledge that will help you progress a future within the industry.

Our roles offer the chance to exercise your customer service skills, collaborate with event organisers, and work alongside professionals while gaining specific skills such as mastering the art of bartending.

Ready to gain valuable experience and develop essential skills along the way? Contact us to find out more about our casual bar staff jobs!


Who do we look for?

Our expert Beyond Bar Hire team is deeply committed to providing exceptional service and supporting one another to deliver the best possible experiences.

We work as a team – this means we help, support, and inspire each other to do our best. No matter how big or small the event is, our team gives 100%.

If you’re friendly, passionate and determined, we want you as part of our team. Reach out to us today to learn more about joining our incredible team.


So, why Beyond Bar Hire – the best mobile bar Essex has to offer?

Beyond Bar Hire has earned our reputation as the best mobile bar Essex can offer for good reason. We strive to deliver incredible experiences, unique and tasty drinks, awesome presentation and of course, 5-star staff.

Joining Beyond Bar Hire means becoming part of a team that values excellence and creates the best possible experiences for our clients.

We believe in pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to deliver great bar experiences. If you are eager to be part of a team that continually raises the bar (cheeky), contact our team today! We can’t wait to show you how rewarding representing the best mobile bar Essex can offer!


Casual bar staff jobs with Beyond Bar Hire – the best mobile bar Essex can offer

Join our fantastic team and be part of creating unforgettable experiences for clients across Essex. We don’t care if you have previous experience or you’ve never picked up a pint glass – if you’re hard-working and friendly, we have the perfect role for you.

We’re calling your name! Contact the team to find out what casual bar staff jobs we have for you!

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